About Us

Medicare65 Agents Care

Today there seems to be more and more agents in the insurance industry that are only concerned with making money, with no regard to their clients well-being. Medicare65 is owned and operated by Nevin and Witt Insurance Services. We have been helping seniors across the country for over 70 years, and while we are a sales organization, we truly believe that our clients needs are the #1 concern for us. If we can help our clients get covered with the best protection for them, the financial rewards will follow.

First and foremost for Medicare65 is placing the client in the best coverage possible. We are also willing to turn business away if the client is better served elsewhere.

You may have worked with an independent agent working out of their home. You might get their voicemail more often than not, but they are often fairly responsive and available throughout the sales process. However, they don’t typically have the time or staff to help you deal with a rate increase or claims concerns. Often you will find that the at-home agent who helped you is no longer in business when you need them at a later date, or is no longer focusing on Medicare supplements.

Medicare65 Agents are Different

We encourage our agents to spend as much time as they need to educate you.

We ensure you understand how Medicare and Medicare supplements work together.

We’ll also explain the differences in benefits between Medicare supplement plan letter and the pricing offered by each company.

Nevin and Witt Insurance Services

We have been serving consumers across the U.S. for over 70 years. We have full-time, licensed customer service agents on staff and can be reached toll-free from anywhere in the country. Nevin and Witt Insurance Services is an independently owned insurance company, therefore we provide objective information to consumers to help them make the best-informed decisions about their insurance needs.

We have been working with the Senior Community and Medicare Supplements for over 30 years, and are considered experts in this area. We have thousands of satisfied customers throughout the country, and we are dedicated to giving you the best product and the best customer service available.

We are your employee when it comes to your Medicare Supplement Coverage. We value your business and your feedback on how we can do even better in the future