What is a Medicare Supplement plan and how does it work?

Looking to choose a Medicare plan and considering a Medicare Supplement for the first time? There’s a reason over 14 million Americans have a Medicare Supplement plan alongside their Original Medicare. Here’s how Medicare Supplement insurance works, what it covers and how to get started. What is a Medicare Supplement plan? A Medicare Supplement plan (also known […]

Seven things to know about Social Security

Social Security turned 75 last month, and many facets of this huge institution are not widely known. Here are seven things you should know about Social Security, according to an article by U.S. News and World Report reporter Emily Brandon. 1. It’s not only a retirement program. Disability benefits and payments for a beneficiary’s spouse […]

Are you prepared for Medicare open enrollment?

Medicare’s annual open enrollment period begins Oct. 15 and runs through Dec. 7. During this period, Medicare beneficiaries are free to select new plans. The experts who track annual changes in Medicare know that the terms and costs of plans change so much each year that millions of beneficiaries could save money in 2017 and improve their […]

Medicare Gets New Lease On Life; Social Security Program Remains Healthy

The new health care law has significantly improved the prognosis for Medicare, extending the life of its trust fund by 12 years until 2029, and thereby delaying any need for dramatic changes in benefits or revenues, according to a new report. The annual check-up from government actuaries overseeing the nation’s two central safety-net programs also […]

Medicare Advantage Benefits Cut to Improve Care for Non-Seniors

The Wall Street Journal reported on a story involving a 44-year old uninsured diabetic, Mark Baumann, and his mother Mary Baumann. According to the report Humana plans to reduce Mary’s Medicare Advantage plan to compensate for smaller government payments under the PP & AC Act, which stipulates that 15% of the new health care law […]

How does Medicare work with my employer health plan?

It is very important to understand how your two health insurances work together to cover your health care. If you’re eligible for Medicare because you have a disability and you also have health insurance through a current employer, who pays first depends on how many people work for that employer. The employer coverage may be […]