Medicare PPO plan without Prescription Drugs

A Medicare PPO Plan is a Medicare Advantage Plan where a Private Insurance company provides your Medicare Part A and Part B benefits. In a Medicare PPO Plan, you can get Medical Services from any provider who accepts Medicare. The Medicare PPO has a preferred network of providers “in network” where cost sharing is lower. […]

Medicare Advantage Cancellation: Your Options

If your Medicare Advantage plan is canceled, you have two options: Change to another Advantage plan or return to Medicare and get a Medicare Supplement – with no questions asked. This is called “guaranteed issue”, and it is an option that should be seriously considered. Guaranteed issue means a person who is 70 years old […]

The Blind Side & Disability Insurance1

With baseball heating up in the run for playoffs and the football preseason just kicking off, this is a great time to consider an unfortunate part of sports (and life) – injuries. For professional athletes, disability insurance is essential to protecting one’s livelihood and talent. If an athlete is injured, it could end his/her whole […]

How Does Medigap Treat Pre-Existing Conditions?

Medigap insurance is supplemental insurance to your Medicare insurance that is sold by insurance companies who are regulated by Medicare. These companies can sell Medigap policies and make a profit from doing so but they must abide by rules and regulations set forth. One of these rules is about the treatment of pre-existing conditions by […]

Does Medicare cover non-emergency transportation?

Medicare coverage of ambulance transportation is usually limited if it’s not an emergency situation. Medicare may cover non-emergency ambulance trips if: They’re medically necessary You’re taken to or from certain places The ambulance company meets Medicare requirements In this instance, transportation is medically necessary if: You’re confined to a bed, or If you aren’t bed-confined, […]

How do I prevent Medicare fraud?

Medicare fraud is when providers mislead Medicare into paying for services it shouldn’t pay for or paying more than it should pay. There are many ways you can prevent fraud: Protect your Medicare number the same way you would protect your credit card number. Be careful about who you give your Medicare number to. Be […]