Ready for Medicare? Not Until You Read This

Enrolling for Medicare for the first time is a milestone in your life, and most retirees come to rely on the healthcare coverage that Medicare provides. Before your 65th birthday approaches, however, it makes sense to do some planning to make sure that you’ll be ready for Medicare when the time comes. Below, we’ll look […]

Best Medicare Supplement Insurance – An Expert Opinion

Finding the Best Medicare Supplement can be a daunting task, especially if you are just turning 65 or are new to Medicare. There are many things to consider including which Medicare Supplement Plan to buy, which company to buy it from, how much you need to pay. In addition, some Medicare plans may have extra […]

April 16th is National Healthcare Decisions Day

Do you have an advanced directive? Whether a living will or medical power of attorney; these two things are at the basis of the “National Healthcare Decisions Day” — making a decision about “end-of-life care” and putting it to paper. What is an advanced directive? An advanced directive is a general term that describes two […]

The Blind Side & Disability Insurance

With baseball heating up in the run for playoffs and the football preseason just kicking off, this is a great time to consider an unfortunate part of sports (and life) – injuries. For professional athletes, disability insurance is essential to protecting one’s livelihood and talent. If an athlete is injured, it could end his/her whole […]

How Does Medigap Treat Pre-Existing Conditions?

Medigap insurance is supplemental insurance to your Medicare insurance that is sold by insurance companies who are regulated by Medicare. These companies can sell Medigap policies and make a profit from doing so but they must abide by rules and regulations set forth. One of these rules is about the treatment of pre-existing conditions by […]

Exercise while you watch TV.

Health Tip of the Week Americans watch an average of five hours of television every day, according to an article in The Seattle Times. The article gives a few tips on how to stay healthy by exercising while you watch. Keep small weights and other exercise equipment near the TV so you can exercise during […]

Medicare PPO plan without Prescription Drugs

A Medicare PPO Plan is a Medicare Advantage Plan where a Private Insurance company provides your Medicare Part A and Part B benefits. In a Medicare PPO Plan, you can get Medical Services from any provider who accepts Medicare. The Medicare PPO has a preferred network of providers “in network” where cost sharing is lower. […]