How Does Medigap Treat Pre-Existing Conditions?

Medigap insurance is supplemental insurance to your Medicare insurance that is sold by insurance companies who are regulated by Medicare. These companies can sell Medigap policies and make a profit from doing so but they must abide by rules and regulations set forth. One of these rules is about the treatment of pre-existing conditions by the supplemental policies that are sold.

A supplemental insurance company can not make you wait for your coverage to start overall, but it could make you wait for the start of the coverage of pre-existing conditions. This “pre-existing condition waiting period” can last no longer than six months from the start of your policy with the company. After this period is over the policy must start paying for the coverage.

Coverage for a pre-existing condition can only be excluded in a Medigap policy if the condition was treated or diagnosed within 6 months before the date the coverage starts under the Medigap policy. It is important to remember that even if the Medigap policy doesn’t cover your out-of-pocket costs the Medicare policy you have will still pay for your covered injuries or illnesses. We have options WITHOUT ANY pre-existing waiting periods. Call us at 1-800-247-9889 for more information.