Most Seniors are Glad to have Medicare

These days we are hearing all sorts of comments regarding healthcare reform and Medicare reform for quite a long time. Actually, talks started before the Presidential election, and both sides of the aisle dug in their heels and to this point have not budged.

With coaxing from the President, as well as plenty of uproar from citizens throughout the country, the roadblocks are beginning to lift a little and work is starting to begin again.

The difficult part of the whole situation is that the seniors are not making the laws. Sure, seniors would change some things from the current system – and hopefully have some more money to make the changes. However, it is the lawmakers who have

the task of trying to speak for the seniors who helped get the lawmakers elected to begin with.

There seems to be a pretty big lack of communication. From hearing what seniors have to say overall, in general, they are asking to keep their current coverage and maybe add a few more things. They are willing to forego some things to get others. For instance, if they don’t need certain coverage, that could be left out of their Medicare – specifically – and traded for other treatment that they do need. This would sort of be a “cafeteria approach” t o Medicare and would probably save the government millions of dollars.

Many other seniors are willing to keep the coverage they have because it does cover quite a bit and without it, they would be in big trouble. These days there are money problems everywhere. The government is trying to spread the money around to cover a lot of things. The issue is that – according to many seniors – if even a little more money could be spent on programs here at home including healthcare and schools, things would improve exponentially.

For now, all we can do is wait to see what the government decides regarding Medicare, Healthcare and how seniors are affected and how they act and react to the outcome.