Possible Scam Targeting Medicare Seniors

Police said someone is targeting senior citizens trying to milk them out of their savings.

One woman in Robertson County said she refused to become a victim when scammers threatened her medicare. Sarah Davenport lives in the middle of nowhere, but somehow scammers found her number, address, and the fact that she has medicare.

You could say Sarah Davenport lives in the middle of, well, nowhere. Finding her house is challenging enough, so how did someone find her number, address and that she has medicare?

“She said, ‘I need to verify your address and phone number’ and she repeated it to me and said, ‘is that correct’ and I said yes,” said Davenport.

The 76-year-old said the phone conversation changed from pleasant to fishy.

“Her voiced changed as if she was speaking to a child and said, ‘I want you to go get your check book and I want you to give me the numbers,” said Davenport.

Mrs. Davenport said that’s when her intuition kicked in.

“‘This is a scam’ and I hung up the phone,” Davenport said.

She said she called police, but there was no number to give since the caller and the number were unknown.

“When they start asking for information, especially if they start asking for personal information, make sure you know why they need it. Ask questions no matter who you’re dealing with.ask questions,” said Attorney General Office’s senior counsel, Jeff Hill.

Hill said when you give out information you take the risk of giving your identity away. He said he sees more victims of identify theft in Davenport’s age group.

“Elderly people are trusting. They are more used to doing things on the hand shake, being able to look someone in the face and know if they trust the person or not,” added Hill.

“I think anytime we hear the word medicare and something is going to happen. We’re going to respond,” said Davenport.

Mrs. Davenport says while she didn’t fall for the crime, she knows there are others that could.

Nationally, senior citizens are scammed out of $2.6 billion a year. Many of them never report the crime in fear of being forced into a nursing home or fear of having to testify in court.