The Blind Side & Disability Insurance

With baseball heating up in the run for playoffs and the football preseason just kicking off, this is a great time to consider an unfortunate part of sports (and life) – injuries.

For professional athletes, disability insurance is essential to protecting one’s livelihood and talent. If an athlete is injured, it could end his/her whole career, which means no income. And that loss could be millions of dollars.

As mentioned in the Sandra Bullock movie The Blind Side, one of the most famous sports injury was quarterback Joe Theismann’s broken leg in 1985 on Monday Night Football. You can watch it here you’ve never seen it, but it is extremely graphic. The left tackle, who protects the quarterback’s blind side, is the 2nd highest paid football player on the field.For more on athletes and disability insurance, visit LifeHealthPro.

Disability insurance not only protects professional athletes from injuries that damages their career, but also those in the workforce who are rendered unable to work. It covers a portion of the disabled’s wages so he or she doesn’t default on a mortgage and is able to pay his or her bills.

In California, we have State Disability Insurance (SDI) that is paid into through one’s employer. For more information about CASDI, visit There is also disability benefits offered through Social Security, which you can learn more about at

At Nevin & Witt, we offer disability insurance to those who are self-employed and thus do not receive benefits from the state.
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